The Fan Embassy
Who We Are, What We Are About

From Nick: The Fan Embassy was started to simply create fan communities worldwide. The inspiration for the site began when I left my hometown, Buffalo, NY in 2004 to move to Pittsburgh, PA and later, living in the Ft. Lauderdale and Washington, D.C. areas. I was a die-hard Buffalo sports fan who craved finding a place to party and watch Bills and Sabres games with fellow fans in the years that I spent away. I even thought that there was a chance that I could fulfill my longing for some good Buffalo chicken wings in the different areas of the country that I lived.

During these years, I found some great places that really put all their efforts into catering to transplants like me who had the same fan cravings as I did. However, the information to find the places was not always the greatest. Sure, some team web sites listed “official” fan bars to watch the game, but my experiences with these places were mixed at best. Some couldn’t justifiably be called “an official team fan bar”, some were no longer in existence and some were just boring. I found that often times people banded together and created their own gathering spots, usually starting on an obscure message board or by word of mouth, and blossoming into a full fledged team hot spot. It is our hope that our forum can be the origination spot for creating these fan communities, and keeping them updated and fresh.

From Brien: Our main web site page will be set up as a blog type format with features and notes on official, and unofficial team meeting places around the world. We will also have full reviews, with each review hitting key areas that will be taken into account and ranked in order to determine just how good the place is and if it’s worth your time to check it out. Some example criteria that will appear in each review include: how many of the team’s fans show up for games? How many TV’s does the gathering place typically offer to the team’s game, do they put the game volume on? Does the gathering place offer food from the team’s hometown on game days? We also intend to create a ranking list called the ultimate rankings, that we rank based on the different criteria and will include a good deal of fan interaction and voting etc.. The full list of ranking criteria will be published at a later date on the front page.

So there you have it. We hope that you find the site interesting, interactive, and above all helpful to you in order to get a great fan experience anywhere in the world.

Nick & Brien