Writers Wanted

We’re looking for aspiring writers, bloggers, or anyone who thinks they have what it takes to write well thought out and comprehensive reviews of sports bars, or other places where fans gather to watch a specific team, of any sport.  These will not be your typical reviews of restaurants or bars!  Our angle is fan experiences, and the review guidelines will be exiting, fresh and different from anything else out there today!


What’s in it for you?  Well we are a new business, so initially, writing for us would be strictly volunteer.  But, if you enjoy going to sports bars and watching sports with groups of fun fans and making new friends anyways, why not put your fanaticism to work for us! Writing for us also gets your name out there, building your resume and showcasing your writing for a growing website and brand with designs on rapid growth.  As we grow we will do what we can to market your name and link you to our site to push traffic your way.

Contact us today for more information:  admin@thefanembassy.com
Thank You.

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